Plan for the next few days

So after my tutorial I am going to try to finish animating by the end of next week. It is maybe a bit ambitious as I have quite a lot to do but I am going to see how far I can get. I am now working from the back of the animation to the front to get the animation looking evenly animated. I also need to work on more backgrounds also from the back to the front. I have about 22 backgrounds as although I only have nine scenes I have different shots in the scenes. The end scene has quite a lot of shots.

I have been quite behind for a lot of the project mostly at the storyboard and animatic stage. I think it is a combination of adapting my grandfathers story to fit in the timeframe and also because when researching about the first world war it is very easy to get lost in peoples stories as there are so many interesting and moving ones and the hours just slip away!


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